Love of a lifetime

It’s that special person, special place, or special item that has made an indelible impact on your life. Never to be forgotten. Remembered with longing. A feeling that never fades with time. Love in its purest form….for a lifetime.

A reflection of your originality
and unique style

Bambas products are a window to your inner self and your distinct personality - original, artistic, bold, one-of-a-kind. They show the world who you are, how you feel and what you think. At first glance, your friends and people around you will immediately recognize their quality, craftsmanship and artistic value. The finest handpicked Italian leather, expert construction and original handpainted motifs are hallmarks of all Bambas leather goods.

Handcrafted creations by Czech artisans

Each and every Bambas product is conceived and created by world-class artists in the heart of Europe – The Czech Republic. Since formation of the Czech state in the 9th century, the skill of Czech artisans and craftsmen was revered and sought after throughout Europe. Anyone who has visited the capital city of Prague has experienced first hand the beauty and grace that Czech artisans are capable of creating.

Bambas has successfully captured and maintained this proud heritage of Czech art and craftsmanship by implementing a modern production process, patented technology and the exclusive use of naturally gifted Czech artisans who continue in this time-honoured tradition. Their current offer now exceeds 5,000 one-of-a-kind designs.

We invite you to experience the grandeur and elegance of original, handpainted works of art from the Bambas atelier. Exclusive creations from the hearts, minds and hands of Czech masters.

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The Bambas Story

Bambas was founded in the Czech city of Ceske Budejovice (home of the original Budweiser beer) by Ladislav and Vlasta Bambas. Ladislav was an actor and Vlasta was an artist working with glass.

Just two months after communism was overthrown by the Czech „Velvet Revolution” in 1989, they were experiencing a difficult period in their lives. Their car had recently broken down and there was no money to repair it. During an especially long wait at a bus stop after Ladislav had completed a theatre performance, a life changing conversation started. The result of this conversation led them to begin the manufacture of engraved leather belts. Production commenced that same year.

Birth of a business

Their initial sale of belts was very successful, which enticed them to attend an exhibition to officially present their products to the wider public. Unfortunately, this exhibition led to an unfortunate series of events. A competitor was so impressed by their leather belts, they stole the idea and immediately began mass production.

Instead of wallowing in their troubles, they started production. Gradually, they built up their assortment of other leather goods. Due to the extremely high quality and originality of their creations, success quickly followed.

Interest from abroad
and an offer from Gucci

It was not long until companies from Germany expressed interest in buying their company, but they refused. As Ladislav commented, “The Bambas idea started in the Czech Republic and will always remain a Czech brand”. Even the famous brand Gucci approached them with an offer to buy the company.

Creating a new, patented technology

As time went by, production continued and they became more and more successful. After seven years of testing various combinations of technologies, they finally discovered the winning formula and implemented it into their production process. The technology they had created gave their leather creations a unique look and distinguished them from all other products in the category. This technology is now patented and exclusively used by Bambas.

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The power of two

Although the Bambas brand has been operating since 1990, it split into two legal entities in 2009 – Atelier BAMBAS (producing handbags) and Atelier V-Bambas (producing small leather goods, such as wallets, cosmetic vanity cases, eyeglass cases and other small items).

The Bambas legacy

Bambas is known throughout the industry as a world-class leather goods manufacturer and exports its products to many countries, which include France, England and the United States.

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The journey to your heart

Each and every Bambas product is destined to make a journey filled with hurdles, obstacles and pitfalls. But infinite colors, designs and discoveries are also encountered along the way. Taken all together, the final handcrafted and handpainted item is a one-of-a-kind artistic creation….and unlike any other in the world.

It's a journey that starts in its creator’s mind and ends with a firm grip on its owner’s heart. A work of art that is destined to become a “love of a lifetime”.

How each unique Bambas creation is brought to life

The journey to becoming a Bambas handpainted work of art starts and ends by hand.

The first step begins with an in-depth and very personal selection of premium Italian cowhides. Only the smoothest, blemish-free cowhide halves are selected. Our selection process is so strict that we normally reject 80% - 85% of the premium cowhides that are presented to us.

The selected hides are then cut in our atelier before continuing on their journey to the workshop.

Engraving, painting and technical procedures follow. The production processes and technology we use are the result of many years of research, testing and experimentation. In fact, the technology we have developed is so special it’s patented.

In addition to thousands of original designs by our Czech artisans, our products also feature art from Mucha, Klimt, Kandinski, Chagall, Miro, masters of the Renaissance, Flemish art and many other world famous painters. Attention to detail is clearly evident in all Bambas handbags. Every seam is perfect and every stich in place. Even the zippers are of the highest quality – the famous Japanese brand YKK.

All products are handpainted with the strokes of a genius and to absolute perfection. One design takes dozens of hours and does not include the time required for forming the hides, installing the liners, fitting together and sewing. Creation of only one handbag passes through a total of 28 pairs of hands!

A very special leather creation lies at the end of the Bambas journey.

A one-of-a-kind work of art

Each handbag has an original design and look. It never has an exact twin and cannot be copied. Part of this is caused by the differences in the look of cow or bullhides and how they accept the paint. Due to this, and many other factors, every handpainted work of art is a unique, one-of-a-kind creation.

Destiny found

Just as every woman has their own aroma, hair color, thoughts and depth of passion, so does a Bambas original leather good. But the journey is not ours alone, it is yours as well. Sooner or later, we will certainly meet. And when we do, your eternal Bambas handbag will keep you forever young.

We sincerely look forward to the time when our paths cross and you find your very own “love of a lifetime”.